The Caregiver

Spending time with and babysitting my relatives’ children almost all my life, as well as being a mother to my own two children, gave me a wonderful experience in understanding the needs of children as well as how to fulfill the expectations of their parents.

I have worked in the retail industry as a store manager for a women’s wear company in Brazil for several years. This unique combination of being very compassionate about kids and experienced in customer service environment provides me with valuable and effective skills necessary to have happy children, pleased parents and a successful daycare operation.

I started my own daycare business in 2010 and my relationships with children has always been based on mutual respect, trust and caring. I relate to children as a facilitator or guide in their development, with warmth, sensitivity, encouragement, and love to establish a climate in which they enjoy learning. I set up stimulating, challenging, and appropriate materials and activities to promote the children's development. I accept and support the children in their endeavors and help them realize their potential.

I am looking forward to work with you as a partner in your child's development, respect and support your ideas. I believe each child has individual characteristics: therefore, I will give each of them equal opportunity to be unique in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

My Family

I live with my husband Luiz (Guto) Penteado and my two children Alec & Lucas. My husband Guto has a full-time job as Communications Manager for PM&P – Prairie Machine & Parts Mfg. and my 2 children are both attending elementary school.

Documents & References

  • • First Aid & CPR Certification
  • • Criminal Record Check (caregiver and husband)
  • • Personal & Professional References
  • All documents above are available upon request.