Jiboia Daycare Policy

Please advise the daycare prior to 7:30 am if your child will be arriving earlier or later than the pre-arranged time. Please advise the daycare immediately if you will be arriving later than the pre-arranged time to pick up your child. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children are picked up no later than 5:00 p.m. If you are not able to pick up your child by 5:00 p.m. alternate arrangements must be made. Please notify the daycare if an unauthorized person will be picking up your child. Verbal or written permission must be received before we will release a child to anyone who is not authorized on the registration form. In the event that a parent cannot be contacted, it is the policy of Jiboia Daycare to call an emergency contact should a child remain in care after 5:30pm. A late fee of $10.00 per hour (or any portion of an hour) per child will apply if a child remains in care after 5:00 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made. This late fee is due and payable on the next bi-weekly payment day. Please also note that if the pickup person arrives at our daycare home and appears to be intoxicated or heavily scented with alcohol or drugs, other arrangements for pick up must be made. Our assistance will be given to make these arrangements as necessary.

Parents agree that all bi-weekly fees (full time and part time attendance) will be paid on the first and the last day of each month in advance, no exceptions. Drop-in fees are payable per occurrence. Unpaid fees are subject to immediate suspension or termination of care unless reasonable arrangements are made and accepted by both parties.

A nutritious lunch, morning and afternoon snack will be provided. Children's special dietary needs and allergies will be posted in the cooking and serving area. Special dietary needs must be filled out on a separate form and signed by the parents to have in the children's file as well.

    • Regular fees are still due regardless of child’s absence due to illness or vacation.
    • Parents must call provider prior to usual start time if child is to be absent.
    • If a four week written notice is given prior to vacation, only half of regular fees will be charged for no more than two weeks. This benefit is only offered once per calendar year.

Parents will inform the daycare within 24 hours of a diagnosis of a serious illness or contagious disease of a communicable nature in the family. This is to protect my family and the other families who attend the daycare. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination of care.

    • At least 8-week notice will be given prior to provider’s 30-day vacation and/or a 2-week notice if the 30-day vacation is not taken consecutively.
    • Any other days throughout the year, not related to holidays, that must be taken off and an alternate caregiver is NOT assigned will not require fees; and as much notice as possible will be given.
    • If provider is too ill to care for children, parents will be notified and if possible a substitute will be assigned at Jiboia Daycare Home.

Jiboia Daycare will follow its "Guidance & Intervention Strategies" section of the contract signed by the parents to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence, and sensitivity in their interactions with others. Guidance is required to ensure order, prevent injury, and ensure a child’s activities are not infringing on the rights of others.

Our home is child-proofed to the best of our ability, however, accidents do happen. Any damage to my home or personal belongings that is willfully caused by your child will be replaced or repaired at the cost of the parents. Jiboia Daycare will repair or replace broken daycare equipment & toys due to normal wear and tear.

Jiboia Daycare and its staff will promptly report to the local Social Services Authority if they have any reason to suspect that a child brought for care has been injured as a result of physical, mental, or emotional abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse.

• Photographs
Parents agree that photographs of their children in care will only be taken for Jiboia Daycare business purposes such as crafts, website, brochures and other promotional printed material.

• Web Camera System
> Parents are aware and agree with the Web Camera System service provided by Jiboia Daycare which stream images (do NOT record them) instantaneously to a video server connected to the daycare’s website, where parents log in with a secure password any time to see live video of their children.
> This Web Camera System service is not for monitoring purposes, it is meant to enhance communication between parents and caregivers, and between parents and their kids.
> Jiboia Daycare will allow internet access to the Web Camera System and provide secure passwords ONLY for parents of full-time and part-time children who already have passed the probationary period. Passwords will be changed monthly and whenever a child is withdrawn from Jiboia Daycare.
> Parents MUST keep their passwords confidential and NEVER give them to children and/or non-family members.

• Information Disclosure
All parents’ and children’s information given to Jiboia Daycare will be kept confidential and will NOT be released to anyone, unless in case of emergency when requested by the child’s emergency contact, police, fire department and/or medical personnel.