The Program

Children learn through play. It engages their whole being social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and creative areas of development. Play gives them the opportunity to experiment with language, and to imagine and act out a variety of roles, relationships, and experiences in various settings. Play is intrinsically motivating and enables children to develop social relationships. Through play children learn about themselves and try to make sense of the world around them.

We seek to nurture learning in the areas of numbers, letters, reading readiness skills, small motor and large motor activities, puzzles, games, songs, stories and creative experiences to name a few.

Activities involving discovery floor toys, table toys, reading stories, outside play, art, music, outings & field trips and sports are carried out to allow children to learn with ease and develop skills in the key areas of social, intellectual, physical, emotional growth and creativity.

Children learn self-discipline and self-control through positive guidance techniques, such as setting clear limits, redirecting, modeling and encouraging appropriate behavior.

Some of our Activities:

  • • Reading Readiness
    • Mathematics
    • Discovery Activities
    • Creative Arts and Crafts
    • Storytime
    • Music and Movement
    • Dramatic Play
    • Waterplay and Sandplay
    • Outdoor Play
    • Community Outings


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