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By visiting our website, we hope that you will catch a glimpse of what we offer here at our daycare home.

Jiboia Daycare is privately owned and operated by Giovana Penteado since 2010. We are a childcare facility fully licenced by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Education – Early Learning and Child Care branch.

Here, we attempt to create and provide a stimulating environment so that it will meet the needs of each child in order for them to grow to the fullest capacity to which they are capable of achieving. Our daycare program will be flexible to meet the needs, the appropriate level, and capabilities of each child.

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4.7 rating
(306) 242-2746
Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm

About us

The Caregiver

Giovana Penteado

Welcome to my website!

I have more than thirteen years of experience as a child care provider here in Saskatchewan.

I started my own daycare business in 2010 and my relationships with children has always been based on mutual respect, trust and caring. I relate to children as a facilitator or guide in their development, with warmth, sensitivity, encouragement, and love to establish a climate in which they enjoy learning. I set up stimulating, challenging, and appropriate materials and activities to promote the children’s development. I accept and support the children in their endeavors and help them realize their potential.

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The Place

Jiboia Daycare Amenities & Features

• Large Playroom area
• Snack /meal area
• Nap/Quiet room
• Air conditioning/ Heating
• Large screen TVs in all areas
• Lots of movies and kids programs
• Educational Video Games
• Onsite and offsite outdoor play areas
• Onsite full playground, including sand box
• Fully fenced and paved backyard
• House & vehicle protected by SGI’s Home Daycare Insurance Policy


Jiboia Daycare Tour Video

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The Program

Children learn through play. It engages their whole being social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and creative areas of development. Play gives them the opportunity to experiment with language, and to imagine and act out a variety of roles, relationships, and experiences in various settings. Play is intrinsically motivating and enables children to develop social relationships. Through play children learn about themselves and try to make sense of the world around them.

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What parents say?

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Come and join the fun!

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