What parents say about Giovana Penteado and Jiboia Daycare...
Giovana welcomes my daughter with open arms every morning. Giovana is very creative in preparing activities and playing with the kids. Also she offers healthy meals and provide a safe place for the kids to play. My daughter gets excited every morning to go to Jiboia Daycare (and sometimes she asks for the daycare on the weekends). It gives me peace of mind knowing that my daughter feels like home and have so much fun at Jiboia Daycare. Giovana takes care of the kids as if they were one of her own. I recommend Jiboia Daycare to any parent. Go for it!
Joyce Colasso, Current Jiboia Daycare's Mom
For the last 10 years my three children have been attending Jiboia Daycare. Giovana is patient, loving, creative, a great cook, and ensures the children are safe and having fun - she is AMAZING and obviously loves what she does. My kids absolutely love going to “Gigi’s” and I am so lucky and grateful for Giovana and the other families I have met through her daycare.
Bia de Freitas, Current Jiboia Daycare's Mom
Giovana has been a part of our family since my son was 2 years old. From the first day he met her, he ran into her home, happy to play and visit. When my daughter arrived a couple of years later, she joined my son at Jiboia Daycare. There were many days when, at pick-up, my kids did not want to come home. There were many weekends when they asked if they could visit Giovana, and I had to insist that her daycare was closed and she needed rest! Not only is she extremely reliable, but she cares for children like they are her own, and I always have peace of mind when my children are with her. I trust her fully with my children, and we love her deeply.
Sarah Gauthier, Current Jiboia Daycare's Mom
Both my kids attended Jiboia daycare and it’s hard to find words to describe how wonderful the experience was. Giovana, the owner, is a wonderful and kind lady whom the children love and she took such great care of my son and daughter on a daily basis. The environment is very family friendly, and a lot of learning opportunities are provided on a naturalistic level. Every morning my children loved going in to meet their friends and specially Giovana... We left and my kids still ask for her and talk about their experiences there. I can't describe how grateful I am to have found such a great daycare. Thank you Giovana! We all miss you!
Gleice Mota, Former Jiboia Daycare's Mom
Some people are meant to be caregivers, and Giovana is one of those people. She does not just watch the kids, she is always interacting, teaching and playing with them. My boys have been going to Jiboia Daycare for the past 6 years, and were welcomed into such a great environment, that even on day one it was like a second home to them.
Joanne Dudiak, Former Jiboia Daycare Mom
I brought my two step-children to Jiboia Daycare several years ago. It’s not easy leaving your children with someone but I have known Giovanna for years and completed trusted her. After the first few days, I was blown away by the care they received. They came home happy, well-fed and sometimes it was hard to convince them to leave at all! Giovana’s home is full of toys, games and opportunities for kids to use their imagination and PLAY. Play (and I don’t mean video games) is important for children as it enables them to experiment and discover their place in the world. She also takes the kids for regular outings (like the spray park or bouncy castles on Valley Road) and always feeds well-balanced, healthy and fun food. She’s incredibly friendly, calm and easy-going; all the qualities you want in a daycare provider – plus she’s an excellent mother to her own two young boys. I would highly recommend you visit her and spend a little time watching how she runs Jiboia Daycare. You’ll be hooked!
Jennifer Sharp, Former Jiboia Daycare Step-Mom
When you look for a place to care for your kids you can only hope to find one that provides a safe and caring environment for them. When my grandkids first started going to Jiboia Daycare that is what I hoped for and what they got was so much more. Giovana has put her heart into helping the boys grow and learn and has become a large part of their lives over the past 4 years. I don’t have a moment’s hesitation in recommending her daycare.
Lois Heisler “Nana”, Former Jiboia Daycare Grandmother
Giovana is always engaged with the children and is a tremendous resource who is always nurturing and helping my children to learn and grow in warm and caring environment. Giovana is patient and kind and my children are always excited to go to her house and reluctant to leave, even when attending daycare full time. Giovana connects with each child and is dedicated to making sure they are having fun all while teaching them valuable skills. I would highly recommend Giovana.
Tonia Batten, Former Jiboia Daycare Mom
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